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Distributed I/O and remote I/O solutions from Moore Industries simplify the process of communications between the field and the control room by eliminating expensive point-to-point wires.

Our data communications systems can network a small number or thousands of process signals onto one digital communication link. Using the latest technologies such as Ethernet I/O and wireless I/O, our products provide real-time monitoring between the field or factory floor and your control systems.

Capabilities of Distributed I/O and Remote I/O Systems
  • mA, mV, RTD, thermocouple, bridge, potentiometer, discrete and relay distributed I/O and remote I/O
  • Programmability over the Internet, PC or on-site
  • Communications through MODBUS, Profibus and 10/100Base-T Ethernet I/O modules
  • The use of a mixture of analog and discrete distributed and remote Input/Output Modules
  • Simultaneous monitoring and control functions
  • Peer-to-host and peer-to-peer architectures
  • Channel-to-channel signal isolation
  • Redundant communication links
  • Advanced math functions, PID control and data logging 
  • OPC server usage available through distributed I/O and remote I/O modules
For data acquisition, our I/O systems send signals from field-mounted sensors, transmitters, transducers and alarms directly to DCS, PLC and PC-based systems. Control signals can be sent long distances, while reducing the workload on computer systems by distributing signal conditioning and intelligence. Signals can be transmitted through various I/O modules by twisted-pair wires, fiber optics, radio links or modems across any distance or terrain. Moore Industries-Pacific information and contact details


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Supplier news
09/10/08 - The microNCS MODBUS RTU Master and distributed I/O System from Moore Industries can be used to send a few, or hundreds of process signals between the field or factory floor and a control system.
Supplier news
28/07/08 - Moore Industries-International has appointed Ed Fagundes as Director of Manufacturing. Ed Fagundes brings over 15 years of manufacturing and operational experience in managerial roles to Moore Industries. He has a strong and effective background in several manufacturing methods including APICS Inventory Control, Demand Flow Technology, and Lean Manufacturing/Six-Sigma.
Supplier news
05/03/08 - Moore Industries has been continuously running its NET Concentrator System (NCS) data acquisition system at temperatures hovering around the boiling point of water for more than three years in an environmental chamber.

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