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Mono pump package installed at Anglian Water pumping station in turnkey project

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article image Mono pump package at the Anglian Water pumping station

Mono Pumps recently completed a successful installation of their pump package at an Anglian Water pumping station in Norfolk.

Designed to handle the wastewater from surrounding houses, the pump station used submersible pumps that were unable to successfully accommodate the variable flow rate. Anglian Water required a more efficient pumping system and also needed to upgrade the recently adopted station to bring it in line with current standards.

Mono recommended its Munchpump package as the ideal solution for the pump station since it provided all the savings associated with small bore discharge pipework with the added benefit of low running speeds, reducing wear and maintenance. The package installed comprised of two SB Munchers and Compact C range pumps in a duty/standby arrangement.

Designed as a twin shaft, low speed high torque grinder, the SB Muncher macerates any solids within the wastewater with the pumps transferring the flow to the local sewage works for treatment. Each shaft in the Muncher is fitted with a series of interleaving cutters that allow liquid to pass through, trapping and macerating solids with their high torque cutting action. Low operating and cutter tip speeds dramatically reduce mechanical wear, and also offer greatly reduced noise levels when compared to high speed macerators.

Combining a Mono progressing cavity pump with a Mono Muncher allows the use of the more cost-effective small bore pipework instead of the traditional 4” rising main sewer in addition to offering a further advantage of eliminating the risk of solids settling and septicity. As the equipment is surface mounted and installed in a clean, dry environment, access for maintenance is more user-friendly than submersible pumps that need to be lifted out of dirty sumps.

The positive displacement action of the Mono pump allows the speed to be set independent of pressure, enabling slow speed operation of the unit and contributing significantly towards low wear rates, reduced energy consumption, extended component life and greater reliability of the overall pump package.

Pump capacity can be set to generate a consistent and improved sewage flow that helps improved effluent handling at small wastewater treatment plants. The sewage is efficiently macerated, eliminating the need to screen at inlet level, with no associated labour costs for disposal of screenings.

Munchpumps consume less than 50% of the energy of a comparable submersible pump while the durable SB Muncher sewage macerators come with a 3-year warranty.

The Anglian Water installation involved removing all the existing equipment and installing the Munchers, pumps, suction and delivery pipe work and valves into a new GRP kiosk, which had a size restriction of 3m x 2m to avoid infringement on local land boundaries.

Mono pumps are available in Australia from Mono Pumps (Australia) .

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