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D-Glide spherical bearings from Modern Engineering

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article image D-Glide spherical bearings are suitable for wet and dry applications and are maintenance free

D-Glide spherical bearings from Modern Engineering  are made to both international standards and designed for special purposes and are ideal for applications such as hydraulic cylinders, sluice doors, and draw-bridges.

D-Glide spherical bearings consist of a D-Glide 'sphere' fitted with a stainless steel sleeve, which together form the inner part that moves inside a stainless steel housing.

Due to the combination of materials used these spherical bearings are suitable for use in wet and dry environments, including submersion in sea water an almost all other fluids, with no risk of corrosion.

D-Glide spherical bearings are maintenance free, with load ratings on a similar level to steel-on-steel or other maintenance free bearings.

Additional features and benefits of D-Glide spherical bearings include:

  • both radial and axial versions available
  • different properties easily possible (larger angles, other material combinations)
  • interchangeability with other spherical bearings
  • maximum reliability (no external provisions needed)

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