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Mobicon selected for new container examination facilities

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AUSTRALIAN Customs Service has recently ordered their fifth Mobicon container handling system for their world-leading container examination facilities across the country.

Customs recognised that to maintain efficient container turnarounds they required an efficient and reliable container handler that could in fact take the containers directly inside the examination facilities.

The Mobicon was seen as the container handler of choice for their new operations.

The Mobicon handles any configuration of container without the need for any additional lifting equipment.

Other features:

* Does not require a special licence to operate - is easy to use

* Has a full 33t lift capacity

* Is low narrow and can work under awnings or inside buildings

* Is of lightweight design eliminating the need for special pavements and hard stand areas

* Low cost to both purchase and maintain

* Is fast, completing a loading or unloading cycle in several minutes.

The Mobicon is designed with a 33t capacity, to handle any length container, from 16 foot through to 52 foot.

The Mobicon lifts the load from the bottom container castings, which allows the machine to handle flat beds, tank containers and curtain sided containers.

The overall height of the Mobicon is very low allowing it to access through most roller shutter doors.

The "Two Tower" design provides the flexibility to operate on sloping or uneven surfaces. Compacted gravel and bitumen yards are also suitable for the Mobicon.

The Mobicon has the lowest axle loadings of any container handler in the world making it the most yard-friendly design available today, according to Mobicon Systems P/L.

The Mobicon has made its mark as a world first for industry by being recently awarded the BHP Steel Award and the LAA new equipment award.

The Mobicon system was designed by Tom Schults and is 100% Australian designed and is constructed in Brisbane, Queensland.

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