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Three reasons to upgrade to new time and attendance systems

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Mitrefinch Australia explains why it has become imperative for companies to replace their old Bundy-type punch card systems with a modern time and attendance system.

1. Buddy fraud

Punch card systems present an opportunity for ‘buddy fraud’, where staff clock-in or out on behalf of their friends. One in five employees has clocked on or off for friends at least once in 2014, according to a Lumidigm research study. Three quarters of companies have also experienced losses from buddy fraud. A Mitrefinch biometric clocking system can stop this problem in its tracks.

2. Increased workload on payroll staff

When a growing company adds on new staff without changing their punch card systems, their payroll department has to take over the extra workload of processing the additional data. Mitrefinch’s employee time and attendance system offers excellent ROI with the solution allowing payroll experts to manage labour wages more efficiently, reduce payroll time and administration costs, as well as track and manage employee absences more easily. By providing better, faster information about the workforce on demand, the system helps improve the productivity of supervisors and managers so they can focus on the tasks at hand.

3. Flexitime management

Many workplaces have implemented a flexitime policy that can cause problems in terms of tracking employees and their performance. Maximising employee performance can be a complicated and time-consuming task when operating a flexitime policy. Mitrefinch Scheduling automates the process, ensuring the right staff is on hand to serve customers, while minimising costs.

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