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Dealing with public sector absenteeism

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article image Public sector absenteeism has actually increased over the last 12 months

Public sector absenteeism is an issue that has been covered previously by Mitrefinch Australia in a blog published early last year, which highlighted some high-profile cases. New reports are bringing the issue of unwarranted absenteeism in the government/ public sector back into focus.

The Australian Public Service Commission has, in their annual State of the Service report, listed out some of the worst offenders by department. Worse, the report also brought to light how public sector absenteeism had actually increased over the last 12 months from 4.2 per cent to 4.5 per cent in 2015.

However, public sector organisations can implement a simple technological innovation such as a Mitrefinch biometric time and attendance system to halt absenteeism in its tracks. Mitrefinch’s biometric system is one of the simplest and most economical ways to bring down the excessively high absenteeism rates prevalent today.

Organisations could also additionally address the underlying reasons for high absenteeism rates in the public sector. Various studies have listed out several factors for chronic absenteeism including mental stress, which costs Australian businesses more than $10 billion per year (Source: Safe Work Australia); alcohol and drug use, which accounts for nearly 20 per cent of lost productivity costs in Australia (Source: Curtin University figures); and minor illnesses such as cold and headaches (Source: Telegraph statistics).

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