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Case study: Moving from Bundy cards to biometric employee tracking systems

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Advance Metal Products moved from an old Bundy Clock system to a Mitrefinch biometric time and attendance system for their employees.

By accurately tracking employee attendance using the new Mitrefinch system, Advance Metal was able to eliminate costly payroll errors. 

Initially using an old Bundy Clock system to track employee attendance, Advance Metal found that it was increasingly time-consuming to manage the volume of admin work associated with this manual process. There was also no way of tracking employee anomalies such as absenteeism and punctuality as well as dealing with buddy-punching issues, which left the management unable to verify if an employee had actually worked the hours recorded. 

The company decided to replace their manual system with an automated Time and Attendance solution in 2004.

According to Advance Metal’s General Manager of Operations, the Mitrefinch Time and Attendance (TMS) system represented the best overall fit for their organisation with factors such as ease of use and robust biometric devices. 

When staff arrive for work they simply tap in a pin number to identify themselves and then place their finger on the reader to verify identification.

Advance Metal Products currently has Mitrefinch TMS installed at two manufacturing plants with approximately 130 employees using it to register attendance. In peak times, they have had up to 180 employees using the system across three sites.

Allan Murdoch, Business Development Manager, Mitrefinch Australia added that they were able to offer a cost effective solution to address the main problems encountered by Advance Metal Products. Mitrefinch’s TMS was easy to use and easy to install, and also eliminated the buddy-punching issue, while the TMS software provided a greater level of efficiency in the pay office. 

Mitrefinch TMS has significantly improved efficiency within the HR and Payroll department. Advance Metal has been able to save at least half a person in terms of direct labour; the TMS system has saved them around 1% to 2% of payroll per annum and has proved to be more accurate than the manual process.

The Mitrefinch Time and Attendance system was seamlessly rolled out with a Mitrefinch Consultant on hand to iron out any glitches that came up. Minimal training was required to bring the Advance Metal staff up to speed on operating the system.

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