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BlastPED centralised blasting system available from Mine Site Technologies

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BlastPED available from Mine Site Technologies is a remote 'radio' based blast initiation system, i.e. a remote firing unit.

BlastPED was developed to provide a safe, centralised blast initiation system for mines by eliminating the high cost of installing and maintaining large firing cable networks and hence reduce the safety concerns (e.g. induction) with these cable based systems.

There are versions of BlastPED for underground and surface mining. The underground version is used extensively in the hard rock mining industry, the surface mining version is used in many open cut coal mines as well as open cut metal mines.

The BlastPED ST (also known as BlastPED EXEL) was developed for use in surface applications and uses more typical surface radio systems to communicate between a master control unit and a remote receiver/exploder.

A key difference to the other two types of BlastPED is this version initiates signal tube (shock tube) directly, rather than initiating an electric detonator.

The elimination of electric detonators enables this unit to be two way (i.e. the remote unit can provide feed back on its status), since a transmitter can be used within close proximity to the signal tube.

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