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Schmalz’s Jumbo vacuum-powered handling devices and Vacumaster vacuum lifting devices available from Millsom Materials Handling

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The economical production, commissioning and distribution of goods can be achieved with a mixture of automation and manual work. Most in the industry have recognised that it is not enough to purchase a new, super-fast machine tool if this machine stands idle for several minutes each time the workpiece is changed. For this reason, the peripheral equipment such as handling devices or material-flow equipment is an important part in achieving working efficiency.

An example of such equipment is the vacuum-powered handling devices such as the vacuum tube lifter Jumbo or the Vacumaster vacuum lifting devices manufactured by Schmalz (represented by Millsom Materials Handling in Australia and New Zealand). These vacuum handling systems can be used to lift and move raw materials and semi-finished products easily and also increase the motivation of the people who carry out these tasks, resulting in fewer absences from work due to illness.

The vacuum tube lifters of the Jumbo series and the vacuum lifting devices of the Vacumaster series ensured that the persons who have to lift, move and position loads of all kinds no longer need to bend down. With the aid of the suction pads and the lifting tube (on the vacuum tube lifter Jumbo) or the lifting tackle (cranes and hoists from which the vacuum lifting device Vacumaster are suspended), heavy and unwieldy objects can be lifted and moved safely.

Vacuum lifting equipment has the following benefits:

  • One person can often do the job it would normally take two or more to do.
  • OH&S claims are nil with the correct lifting system in place.
  • Finance can be organised for most applicants with minimal outlay for instant returns.

Schmalz can design vacuum lifting devices as per customers’ requirements. The components for the optimal and ergonomic configuration of a vacuum system are suitable for various applications.

Jumbo vacuum tube lifter includes variants such as Jumboergo, Jumbosprint and Jumbohandy. A number of standard variants can be built from the standard modular system. The same applies to the vacuum lifting devices of the Vacumaster series, whose recent generation includes the versions of Basic and Comfort. For optimal ergonomic handling of loads, users can select one of the different lengths of operator handle. In the version Comfort, the integrated chain-hoist controls and the two-hand operation are an improvement in the standards for easy use and safety. The systems thus fully comply with the regulations for occupational health and safety, factors which have an effect on the motivation and performance of the people using them.

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