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Millsom Materials Handling distributes a lightweight and compact range of access platforms that are handy for all the tight corners within a workplace and ideal in industry applications like replacing light bulbs in high ceilings, cleaning or painting hard to reach walls and ceilings and installing signage. 

Portable Access Platforms have a compact lifting mechanism
  • Incorporates low voltage DC battery and onboard battery charger, to ensure minimal downtime
  • Ideal for use on low capacity flooring like basketball courts and in churches
  • Easily manoeuvred with 2 fixed and 2 swivel wheels
  • Completely adjustable width for easy transport and for use in tight spaces
  • Safely raised and lowered using hydraulics
  • Complies with AS2550.1, AS2550.10 and AS1418.10
Once the job is done, Millsom Materials Handling's aerial access platforms fold down neatly, requiring minimal storage space.
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