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Milford Astor expands business focus

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Milford Astor , a hot stamping foil manufacturer in the Southern Hemisphere, with one plant in Sydney and another in Melbourne, is a wholly owned Australian company.

The migration overseas of so many of Australian manufacturers has necessitated Milford Astor to broaden its business focus.

From the time Milford Astor bought out its American partner in 1999 and was then free to determine its markets it has had a choice of moving overseas like so many of its customer’s or streamline its operations and export finished product.

The tough decision to keep jobs and income in Australia has paid off. An aggressive marketing, sales and R & D effort has not only assisted in keeping both plants busy but the Sydney plant has hired staff and more than doubled its output to meet demand.

This has not only made sure that cash is brought into the country, but the loyal Australian customers have the satisfaction of knowing they have bought a local product.

Asked how Milford Astor manages to resist on a world market against companies many times larger with plants in low cost areas such as China and Malaysia, Terry Newman, recently returned from visiting customers in Asia, said there are three reasons.

The development of niche products that suit market needs, but fall under the radar of the big players. Secondly, quality is a major factor. In three countries Terry Newman was advised that the products are expensive but “at least we sleep at night knowing that when the shipment arrives it works and will not endanger the relationship with our valuable customers.”

The third approach that has assisted is honesty and communication and a willingness to do whatever it takes to meet the customer’s needs in terms of delivery and service.

As an ideal Australian independent foil and thermal ribbon supplier it is the commitment to service both local and overseas customers that has maintained Milford Astor’s standard since its inception in 1952.

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