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Applications for woodgrain foils

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article image Extra hard coatings for more demanding applications

UNTIL recently, foils were typically used for interior applications to add value to cheap timber and medium density fiberboard by applying woodgrain foils. Applications included trophy bases, interior doors, picture frames, and the like.

Now CFC International, the world leader in woodgrain foils, has produced extra-hard coatings to enable these foils to be used in more demanding applications. Milford Astor Pty Ltd recently showcased such products at the AWISA show.

These innovative CFC hot stamp foils utilise a ceramic-pigmented Kynar resin system with a proven record of outstanding durability and resistance to ultraviolet (UV) exposure.

CFC exterior woodgrain foils are thermoformable, making them ideal for applications on doors with decorative trim. Plus, the wide range of pigments available, when utilised with CFC's computerised colour matching system, means that an almost unlimited number of colours and woodgrain patterns are now available for exterior applications.

United States has embraced this new development by applying woodgrain foils to exterior doors, including double garage doors, flooring, such as basketball courts, and even sidings of houses.

The foils are applied in a completely environmentally friendly process by merely rolling on to the substrate whether it be a cheap timber or even a recycled plastic.

Foils can also be provided that enable vacuum forming with plastics to achieve a recess or sucked by vacuum through MDF board in to recesses.

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