OPTI-FLOW VSD Control and Auto Gate Shutoff Systems from MIRCONAIR


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MIRCONAIR supply the innovative and unique OPTI-FLOW VSD (Variable Speed Drive) control and auto gate shutoff systems to be used in conjunction with MICRONAIR’s Dust Extraction Systems. The OPTI-FLOW system is a purpose designed controller which automatically controls the fan speed to maintain constant flow and optimum pressure in the duct, while significantly reducing energy consumption.

Variable Speed drive provides optimal control and minimises energy consumption

  • VSD effectively controls the fan system with power overload protection, control and speed of the fan
  • Energy consumption is dramatically reduced as Variable Speed Drive only uses energy when required
  • Proprietary Controllers are incorporated into MICRONAIR's Vibration and Pulse Cleaning Systems
  • Proprietary Controllers feature a fully programmable keypad is linked to a pressure sensor within the ductwork and maximises outcomes with the flexible programming of parameters
OPTI-FLOW Variable Speed Drive reduces energy cost by up to 60%
  • Average electricity consumption is reduced between 50-60%
  • Impressive operational noise reduction of 35-40% 
  • Constant and adequate air flow ensures optimal system performance
  • Extended filter life with reduced volume of air travelling through filters
  • Ensure maximum efficiency with optional OPTI-FLOW Automatic Gates which shut machines extraction outlets when they are not required
The impressive OPTI-FLOW VSD Control and Auto Gate Shutoff Systems from MIRCONAIR provide a reliable, energy efficient and cost effective solution to your dust extraction requirements. Micronair Dust Control information and contact details


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