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Sensor monitors flow and temperature

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article image Adjustable filter smooths out erratic flow conditions.

TURCK, represented in Australia by Micromax , has released a self-contained, programmable sensor that monitors both flow and temperature. The Digital Read Out (DRO) flow sensor has a three-digit display that can alternate between flow rate and media temperature.

In addition to an adjustable on and off delay feature, the DRO allows the user to program set points specific to an application and has an adjustable filter to smooth out erratic flow conditions. DRO sensors are designed to operate with media such as water, glycol and other fluids.

It has a rugged design (316 stainless steel wetted parts) and a high level of repeatability. The sensor is a solid-state device that operates on the calorimetric principle, resulting in a sensor with no moving parts that can break or become lodged in the pipeline. This technology, combined with the inline mounting of the sensor, allows the DRO to perform dependably in demanding applications without concern for flow restriction or application downtime.

DRO sensors are able to monitor changes in flow between 15.154cm3/s and 909.24cm3/s, and are available with a transistor, relay or analogue output. They are manufactured with a standard eurofast M12 connector and can be ordered with a number of different fluid connections to offer an economical application solution that installs with ease.

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