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article image Light screen with range of 18m.

BANNER Engineering, represented in Australia by Micromax , has introduced the EZ-Screen safety light screen. The system has a range of up to 18m and response times from 9ms to 40ms.

The two-piece system does not require a separate control box, only a self-contained emitter and receiver pair. This eliminates the need for a synchronisation wire between the emitter and receiver. The system is instead synchronised optically.

The design exceeds control reliability requirements and is CE (Type 4/Category 4) and cULus (NIPF, UL61496, UL1998) certified. Two resolutions are available, offering minimum object sensitivity of 14mm or 30mm. The system is suited to finger or hand detection on smaller production machines and robust enough for large power presses. The vibration-tolerant emitter and receiver circuitry, aluminum housing, die-cast metal end caps, and acrylic lens cover provide long-lasting dependability in demanding industrial environments. It measures 45.2mm by 36mm.

Protective heights range from 150mm to 1800mm, available in 150mm increments. The emitter and receiver can be oriented on a vertical or horizontal plane or at any angle in between. Bracket choices provide the option of mounting the emitter and receiver from each end or by a mounting channel on either side. Special brackets are also available for retrofitting older light curtains. Each system is preconfigured for typical trip output, reach-through applications. Trip output automatically resets when blocked beams are cleared. For pass-through applications, latch output is easily configured via the access panel on the front of the receiver. Latching output requires a manual reset once the beams are cleared.

Both emitter and receiver have diagnostic displays to provide continuous feedback of operating status, configuration, and error conditions. The receiver has a seven-segment, three-digit display to indicate the number of beams interrupted or blocked and error codes if the system goes into lockout mode. The LED zone indicators on the receiver show when sections of the light screen are aligned or clear, or which areas are misaligned or blocked. Dip-switch selectable functions enable reduced resolution (floating blanking), trip or latch output, external device monitoring, and scan code setting are accessible through the access cover.

Typical applications include small assembly equipment, pick-and-place machines, molding presses, packaging machinery, palletisers, roll formers, automated production equipment, robotic work cells, and power press applications.

The receiver has two solid-state safety outputs to control 24V dc loads up to 0.5A. For ac loads or loads requiring higher currents, an optional relay interface module is available, or discrete relays may be driven directly.

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