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Profibus-DP programmable encoders

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article image Supports user-specific configuration.

TURCK, represented by Micromax , has introduced the Kubler by TURCK line of Profibus-DP programmable multiturn absolute encoders incorporating TURCK’s Intelligent Sensing Technology (IST) non-contact and Integrated Technology (IT).

Available in shaft and large bore hollowshaft construction, with a Class 2 Profibus-DP fieldbus communication protocol, it supports user specific configuration and diagnostic programming.

Included in the T-coupler box are address DIP switches and an on-board terminating resistor. These encoders are available with 25-bits of resolution (8192 in the first turn and 4096 turns).

Environmental ratings include IP65 and IP66 with shaft seals. IST and IT are non-contact design and construction technologies using custom ASICs with all components mounted on a single PCB.

Enhancing performance over traditional methods of construction enables shock loads up to 250gs, high resistance to EMI, high reliability and long life.

This model is suited for applications in and around frequency converters, drives, clutches and brakes.

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