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Micromax announces Banner Engineering’s free iVu Plus TG multipoint software

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Micromax announces the release of a free firmware update for Banner Engineering's industry-recognised iVu Plus TG software. 

Easy to install, the software enables the simultaneous use of several match, area and/or blemish sensors across various regions of interest in a single inspection.

Brad Ragozzino, Vision Marketing Manager, Banner Engineering explains that with multipoint inspections, the iVu Plus TG sensor can simultaneously check multiple features on a part while segregating diverse information, such as identifying the failure type and where the failure occurred. This allows their customers to maintain efficiency on the manufacturing line by pinpointing the cause of failure and quickly fixing the problem.

The iVu Plus TG multipoint software enhances the sensors’ reliability and accuracy. For instance, if the sensor identifies an incorrect or missing object when conducting an inspection, the software recognises it and alerts operators as to where the problem occurred. The software enables monitoring multiple inspections at once, allowing users to streamline operations, while ensuring a precise inspection.

Banner’s iVu Plus TG integrated touch screen vision sensors advance inspection capabilities with Ethernet connectivity and multiple inspections. Ethernet connectivity enables sensors to share inspection data directly with PLCs, PCs or other factory devices, making communications and control even easier on the plant floor. Capable of storing up to 30 inspections, the iVu Plus TG can also accommodate rapid product changeover.

To tackle diverse inspections, the iVu Plus TG can be configured to operate using four different sensor types, including Area, which verifies the presence of a feature or features of interest; Blemish, which identifies flaws on a part, such as scratches on a disc; Match, which verifies that a pattern, shape or part in any orientation matches a reference pattern; and Sort, which recognises and sorts as many as 10 different patterns of parts, such as nuts, bolts and washers.

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