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Encoder with dual isolated outputs

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article image Danaher Controls Series HS35 encoder.

THE Dynapar brand Series HS35 sealed hollowshaft encoders from Danaher Controls are now available with dual isolated outputs. The dual outputs allow redundant operation or permit connection to two independent control system devices, such as a motor drive controller and separate axis position display.

The Series HS35 mounts directly to machine or motor shafts using a unique, hollow, floating shaft mount and simple, anti-rotation spring tether.

Counter-bored metal hub and flexible spring mount allow for easy installation on motor or machine shafts. This type of mounting reduces the encoders installed-depth and also lowers installation cost.

The HS35 includes a precision bearing with seals at both ends of the hollowshaft. Resolutions to 2500PPR permit the it to be used in feedback applications requiring utmost precision.

Additional features include: LED light sources; matched sensors; operating speeds to 100kHz; and a NEMA 4/IP66 rating. Outputs are compatible with most 5V TTL circuits, and for long cable runs and higher electrical noise immunity, a 5V line driver with complementary outputs is available.

Typical applications are motor-mounted feedback, industrial equipment, assembly machinery, and robotics. Other applications include phototypesetters and printers, medical diagnostic equipment, computer peripherals, and instrumentation. Micromax 1300 362 626.

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