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The trusted brand for explosion-proof products, MHE-Demag offers solutions for hazardous areas and environments including their explosion-proof cranes and hoists for use in oil refineries, chemical and petrochemical industries.

In these industries gases, fuels and vapours are often emitted during manufacturing, processing, transporting and storage of flammable materials such as alcohol, acetylene, propane, hydrogen and petrol. Furthermore, dusts from wood, sugar, flour or aluminium are also potential combustible substances. When mixed with oxygen in the atmosphere, they form a potentially explosive mixture. If this mixture is accidentally ignited by an electric spark, an explosion can result in serious injury to people and damage to property.

The products include the following- Explosion Proof Cranes, Explosion Proof Chain Hoists, Explosion Proof Rope Hoists, Explosion Proof Air Hoists, Explosion Proof Chain Blocks and Explosion Proof Crane Components.

Explosion Proof Cranes

  • Manufactured in accordance with European standards
  • Superior quality
  • Ideal for diverse applications
  • Sound engineering for optimum solutions

Explosion Proof Chain Hoists

  • Lifting capacities of up to 4 tons
  • Certified/ protected against both gas and dust
  • Two hoisting speeds in standard configurations
  • Ideal for curve track monorails, slewing jib cranes/ smaller capacity cranes

Explosion Proof Rope Hoists

  • Range of capacities and comprehensive features
  • For capacities between 1.6 -20 tons
  • Up to 100 tons with a foot-mounted hoist
  • Extreme reliability and performance

Explosion Proof Air Hoists

  • Ideal for hazardous environments
  • Resistant against high humidity and temperature
  • Lifting capacities from 125kg to 100 tons

Explosion Proof Chain Blocks

  • Explosion prevention design
  • Robust construction for a safe and long service life
  • Lifting capacity range from 0.5 – 100 tons

Explosion Proof Crane Components

  • The range includes ATEX certified geared motors, wheel blocks, push button pendant, limit switches, floodlights and flashing light, warning horn, energy chain system etc
  • Comprehensive support and coverage at all times

With our products for such hazardous environments you are on the safe side. The comprehensive range of ATEX and IECEx certified explosion-proof cranes and hoists are designed to prevent any sparks or perilous heat build-up and provide you with optimum lifting solutions customized for your specific applications.

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