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Demag Cranes & Components adds new KBK-IIH profile sections to range of KBK light crane systems components

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article image KBK-IIH profiles provide more flexible options for the design of KBK light crane systems

The range of components available for modular KBK light crane systems from Demag Cranes & Components has been extended with the addition of inside-running rail sections.

KBK II-H steel profile rail sections have been designed to make it possible to build monorails and suspensions cranes that are capable of handling loads up to 2,000 kilograms.

They feature a completely rigid rail joint that can be subjected to a full load, regardless of the position of the track suspension. This allows for greater design freedom, and can help to reduce costs.

Crane suspension and track suspension clamps can be fitted direct at any position along these profile sections, making it possible to accommodate existing support superstructures more flexibly. Safety is improved by transmission to the suspension of any vertical forces that occur in normal operation.

This new addition to the range of components available for KBK light crane systems is fully compatible with other KBK II sections, with an installation dimension that is only 13 millimetres higher for exactly the same width. Suspension fittings, rail brackets and trolleys can also be connected to the rail sections.

For larger span dimensions or distances between suspensions, KBK II-H steel profile sections offer a number of benefits.

Using these sections, distances between suspensions of around 6.3m can be achieved for loads of 1,200 kilograms. The need for additional supporting steelwork can also be reduced or completely eliminated.

All trolleys and travelling hoists from the KBK II range can also be used with the new KBK II-H. By means of a profile adapter, which will be available from mid 2011, the profile section can also be combined with curved sections, track switches, turntables and drop sections in profile size KBK II.

In addition to the KBK II-H profile section, an identical design with internal 5-pole conductor rails is also available.

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