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XPR series precision balances speeding up lab processes

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Mettler Toledo introduces a new range of precision balances designed to speed up laboratory processes for easier and more accurate sample preparation.

Mettler Toledo’s XPR precision balances combine intelligent design and functions to deliver fast, stable results as well as safely record them for error-free data transfer and airtight traceability. The ergonomic design of the balances allows comfortable use in the laboratory while the robust construction protects them from overload as well as harsh chemicals, dust and dirt, ensuring long-term durability.

The fast-paced industrial and business world requires companies to implement solutions that increase quality and decrease lead time. Mettler Toledo XPR precision balances are helping busy labs and manufacturing operations create simplified workflows while maintaining accuracy.

Features of Mettler Toledo’s XPR precision balances

Proven technology

Along with the latest high-performance sensors, XPR’s SmartPan eliminates air turbulence effects. Improved stabilisation and fast results assure users of the highest accuracy possible in just about any environment including fume hoods or safety cabinets.

Error-free data transfer

Task parameters and results displayed on the integrated notepad can be quickly transferred to a PC via USB or Ethernet, eliminating transcription errors and streamlining processes.


The highly detailed design of the XPR is focussed on ergonomics to minimise the discomfort of repetitive lab work. This assures the user an extremely comfortable weighing experience. Key features also include large display figures for ease of reading; and an ErgoStand allowing standing operators to mount the screen at eye-level to reduce neck strain.

Clean, safe and streamlined

Integrated overload protection safeguards the weighing cell, while protection covers combined with a full metal housing protect the unit against dust, dirt, splashing liquids and harsh chemicals. Smooth surfaces make the entire balance easy to clean, further optimising the time spent on weighing protocols.

Learn more about how XPR precision balances can help achieve significant gains in weighing workflows today.

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