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New dynamic mechanical analyser with wide stiffness and frequency range

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article image Mettler Toledo’s DMA/SDTA 1+ dynamic mechanical analyser

Mettler Toledo has introduced a new dynamic mechanical analyser featuring a wide stiffness and frequency range, and offering the assurance of maximum measurement accuracy.

Designed to determine the viscoelastic properties of a material as a function of temperature, time, and frequency while subjecting the material to an oscillating stress, the new DMA/SDTA 1+ by Mettler Toledo delivers high-quality results for modulus values. The analyser is very different from conventional DMA instruments because it measures both force and displacement.

Key features of Mettler Toledo’s DMA/SDTA 1+ dynamic mechanical analysers include sophisticated automatic switch mode controlling the measurement and automatically changing from force-controlled to displacement-controlled; frequency range of oscillating stress extended to the 1000 Hz range; six frequency decades available in shear mode; new temperature sensor introduced for precise temperature control and adjustment; unique sample holder system enabling sample preparation and mounting; and touch-sensitive colour terminal displaying clear and precise information.

The additional temperature sensor introduced in the DMA/SDTA measures sample temperature very close to the sample, allowing calibrations based on the melting points of pure substances. The temperature sensor also allows thermal effects to be simultaneously measured by SDTA, which is useful for monitoring curing reactions.

The unique sample holder system in the DMA/SDTA is designed for quick insertion inside the instrument, allowing the user to change from one deformation mode to another without performing an adjustment. Users can also prepare samples unhindered during the course of a measurement.

The touch-sensitive colour terminal on the DMA/SDTA 1+ monitors the sinusoidal excitation function, which is extremely important at the start of a measurement as the curve shape presented on the terminal is indicative of whether the sample has been properly inserted in the sample holder.

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