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Mettler Toledo has introduced a new halogen moisture analyser that combines proven weighing technology and fast halogen heating to deliver reliable moisture content measurements in minutes.

Mettler Toledo’s HC103 halogen moisture analyzers enable fast response times for quality control and in-process control. Features such as a large colour touchscreen, graphical user guidance and real-time drying curve allow easy use even for untrained operators, while the compact design saves space in busy laboratories. The robust construction also guarantees a long instrument life in harsh production environments.

The simple operation requires the user to add the sample to the weighing pan, tare and press start. As the drying program is running, a real-time drying curve is displayed on the screen providing an overview of the progress. Operators can clearly see if the measurement is on target and can also intervene quickly during the production process if required. Mettler Toledo provides a collection of validated drying methods for over 100 different samples and new drying methods can be easily uploaded to the HC103 via the USB port.

Key features of Mettler Toledo’s HC103 halogen moisture analysers include touchscreen operation and intuitive user interface allowing ease of use; one-click access to drying methods directly from the home screen; ability to generate result reports in PDF or CSV files in addition to standard printouts, eliminating the need to manually record results; and results conveniently transferred via RS232 or USB ports to fulfil documentation and traceability requirements.

The robust construction of the HC103 halogen moisture analysers includes a metal housing and flat stainless steel surfaces in the drying chamber, which can also be cleaned easily.


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