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Mettler Toledo launches new parcel and pallet measuring machines

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The CSN110 ScanTape from Mettler Toledo is a new handheld mobile dimensioning device designed to quickly and accurately measure parcels and pallets anytime.

The palm-sized parcel and pallet measuring machines feature programmable data capture and easy Bluetooth transfer to reduce human error, save time and money, and increase productivity.

Mettler Toledo’s convenient new parcel and pallet measuring device, CSN110 ScanTape replaces the traditional tape measure to eliminate manual data entry, offering greater ease and accuracy for transport and logistics personnel. The time saving and productivity enhancing capabilities of the measuring device benefit load planning and revenue recovery in industries where processing volume equals profits.

Usable at any point in goods-transfer processes, ScanTape represents an efficient, paper-free measuring procedure and finds application in pick-up or reclassification of pallets or packages to recover revenue in high-volume situations. The device is also an excellent choice for smaller-volume centres that want to automate the measurement process without significant monetary investment.

The CSN110 ScanTape parcel and pallet measuring device offers quick ROI with transport companies quickly recovering the cost of investment as early as a week or within 90 days depending on use.

Key features of CSN110 ScanTape parcel and pallet measuring device include robust construction with durable rubber cover; 1.5-metre drop protection; Li-ion battery for two days of heavy use before recharge; Bluetooth data transfer and barcode reading capabilities allowing a complete parcel data profile to be sent wirelessly from a floor, forklift or bench scale to a PDA, PC or printer; data batched or transferred as captured using live mode; and pre-configurable workflows further increasing efficiency for repetitive measuring procedures.

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