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Low cost Australian made checkweigher

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article image The LC Checkweigher.

THE LC Checkweigher from Mettler Toledo , developed and built in Australia, is claimed to be at least 40 per cent cheaper than overseas models.

Complemented with Mettler Toledo load cells and indicators, this product is widely accepted for detecting missing items in shipping prior to the palletiser.

"The LC checkweigher is a proven and dependable unit for determining the weight of cartons in motion. Clients include Cadbury, Nestle and Mars. The ability of the unit to integrate seemlessly into major PLC systems makes this system very effective and simple to setup," product manager Rob Warry said.

Accuracy range is within 10g to 50g depending on speed, which is up to 50 cartons per minute. Load capacity is 50kg. Custom variants are built to order for OEM's and system integrators.

Other distinguishing features include 4 load-cell system, a sturdy stainless steel chassis, and an internal drum motor to minimise maintenance while maximising hygiene. Mettler Toledo1300 659 761.

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