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ICS465 manual checkweigher from Mettler Toledo helps company assemble air filters correctly

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An ICS465 manual checkweigher from Mettler Toledo is being used by SMC to verify and confirm correct assembly of industrial air filters.

According to Manufacturing Engineer Jason Ricketts, SMC works with ‘everything that handles, manipulates or works on air’ including industrial air filters. A manufacturer of cutting systems for industrial applications called on SMC to add an alignment pin to its air filters but there was one problem.

Ricketts explains that the work involves disassembling the unit, putting a pin inside the body, and reassembling the filter. However, in the process of reassembling, there was potential for parts going missing. An incorrectly assembled air filter could restrict airflow, causing premature failure. If the air filter is built incorrectly, it is sent back to SMC, costing the company both rework and reputation.

The problem was that mere visual inspection was not enough for the operator to know if an air filter was assembled incorrectly.

SMC decided to employ the ICS465 manual checkweigher from Mettler Toledo to error-proof the process efficiently. With one quick glance, operators now know whether an air filter is missing any parts. According to Ricketts, they just set it to show red, which means it's missing a part, or green, which means it's good, enabling the operators to reject or approve any assembly.

Thanks to the speed and accuracy of the manual checkweigher, SMC only needs one operator for the job, which leaves the second operator free to do other productive work. Not only has the new checkweigher enhanced productivity, but it has also given the operators confidence in their work since they no longer have to worry about numbers, recording data or impacting production.

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