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Eliminating errors with WeightLink

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Adjustment and testing of lab balances can be an arduous task. Difficulties are found not only the execution of procedures, but also in the possibility of misreading numbers when choosing and using weights. Because of this, operators have historically had to ask:

  • Was the correct weight used?
  • Was the serial number logged correctly?
  • Were the weights mixed up after their last use?
  • Was the calibration date and serial number accurately recorded?

WeightLink eliminates this extra effort—along with its inherent error potential—by assigning a 2D matrix code to each validated test weight. This code is easily scanned, resulting in automated transfer of balance configuration and weight-specific data. Manual transcription is eliminated completely, and if an incorrect weight is chosen, the test cannot continue. Labs regain the ability to use a single weight set across multiple balances without risk of mix-ups for enhanced process security.

The new white paper, “Maximum Traceability in Balance Testing”, details the ins and outs of using WeightLink to help determine if this robust technology can assist with testing in the lab. It will be of interest to anyone responsible for testing and maintenance of weighing equipment, particularly in industries where strict regulations prevail.

To learn more, download “Maximum Traceability in Balance Testing” and see how organizations can reduce testing time and enhance production efforts with WeightLink technology.

Future installments of Mettler Toledo’s 2016 eCalendar will help users further refine lab processes for enhanced time savings, so keep watching for additional information.

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