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New in portable digital signage - Metromatics’ MetroSpec “Double Vision”

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Metromatics  would like to announce the release of their new MetroSpec “Double Vision” Portable Digital Signage. It is designed for all types of retail sales, restaurant specials, directional signage.

  • Portable
  • Dual Sided Digital Signage
  • Ideal for announcing the latest specials or sales      
  • Attract Customers with Bright, Clear, Outstanding Advertisements and Messages   
Imagine being able to wheel a sign out to the front of a shop which provides bright, exciting pictures – attracting customers from both directions with products and latest store Sale Specials.  This is possible with the MetroSpec “Double Vision” Portable Digital Signage.

The “Double Vision” Portable Digital Signage is an essential advertising product that consists of two quality 32” LCDs, mounted on an attractive wheelbase stand with an inbuilt wireless PC allowing it to connect back to the main computer where information can modified or adjusted for the hourly special.  Otherwise, information can be modified on the “Double Vision” Portable Digital Signage itself.  Upload the latest pictures, sales, specials or messages for potential customers and watch the sales come rolling in.  The “Double Vision” Portable Digital Signage casing is available in a wide variety of colours.  

There are various options such as Dual LCD Control with the use of Dual Processors, whereby one particular message can be run on one screen and another message on the other screen.  Specific Hi Brite Screens which are more sunlight readable friendly, touch screens, Audio speakers, and many more.  

The MetroSpec trademark is manufactured by Metromatics.  Innovators of Custom Built and Off the Shelf Industrial, Rugged and Commercial Sunlight Readable LCD Displays ranging from 10” – 42” in size for all types of projects and customer requirements such as Passenger Information Displays, Information Kiosks, Video Walls, Shopfront Windows and various other applications.

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