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Futek LSB200 load cells ensuring precision in intravascular procedures

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article image A Jr. Miniature S-Beam Load Cell (LSB200) is paired with instrumentation (USB Solutions)
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Load cells developed by FUTEK are helping physicians carry out intravascular procedures by providing the necessary force measurements to safely navigate robotic catheters.

Manoeuvring the robotic catheter in intravascular procedures demands accuracy, sensitivity and the utmost precision with little margin for error.

The conceptual diagram above shows a Jr. S-Beam miniature load cell (LSB200) located on the guide wire extending from the robotic arm. The LSB200 measures tension on the wire and the feedback is used by the physician to control the direction and motion of the catheter. Measurement feedback can be streamed through FUTEK’s USB Solutions to a central control system.

FUTEK’s LSB200 Miniature S-Beam Jr. load cell gives medical practitioners the precision necessary for robotic intravascular procedures.

FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc. is represented in Australia and New Zealand by Metromatics .

For further information, please visit the Metromatics website www.metromatics.com.au or call (07) 3868-4255.

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