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EME data acquisition system - PicoDAS

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EME Corporation has released a new advanced real-time data acquisition system (DAS) called the PicoDAS.

Available from Metromatics Pty Ltd , the PicoDAS is a very small, compact unit weighing less than 1 pound for 32 channels.

One unique feature of the new DAS is the ability to distribute analogue channels external to the Digital Control Module (DCM).

Up to 64 channels (4 analogue modules) are able to be used with one DCM and multiple DCMs can be daisy chained together for extremely high channel counts.

Features include:

PCM output streaming - A module that can be installed inside any EME DAS that will provide PCM 106-01 streaming as well as IRIG-B input. This module offers flexible settings, an internal pre-modulation filter and provides an output stream while data is being stored to internal flash memory during acquisition.

SD memory interface - An interface is provided for an SD Memory Card. Directly following an EME data collection, the internal flash memory is automatically copied to the SD card. This not only offers a back-up, but offers the user quick access to the acquired data. Data is not lost on the SD card, since the memory is still resident in the internal flash memory.

250kHz sampling - The 'Pico' Series is now available with a maximum sample rate of 250kHz. EME configures the fixed Butterworth filter at 50kHz. Lower data rates are still available and a digital Butterworth filter provides proper roll-off settings. This is the first miniature hardened DAS capable of measuring intermediate high data rates.

EME is also currently developing a new DAS Host Resident software that will integrate all EME DAS systems into one software package. This will allow the user to use different EME series together in a multi-DAS configuration, which will ease version control as well as software updates.

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