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Accurate and Reliable Sensors from Metromatics

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Metromatics range of Sensors offer proven reliability and performance

  • Sensors available for a variety of requirements
  • Rugged design
  • Highly accurate
  • Proven performance

A wide range of Sensors for every application

  • Accelerometers – Many different versions DC, Miniature, General Purpose, Triaxial, High Temperature, Shock, Industrial, Airborne Specialty
  • Force Sensors  and pressure sensors – flat plate, flush treaded, male port
  • USB Sensors
  • Load Cells – Many varieties bending beam, canister, donut, in line, load button, load washer, low profile, medical, pancake, rod end, S-Beam, Side Mount
  • Torque Sensors – Auditing tool, reaction flange, flange/flange, rotary drive, rotary hex, rotary shaft, shaft/shaft
  • High Intensity Acoustic Sensors

Metromatics represents several companies who are leading manufacturers and suppliers of sensor technologies.

ATi Telemetry specialises in the area of Rotating Wireless and Non-Contact Sensors:

  • Rotating Telemetry Systems
  • Torsional Vibration Measurement Systems
  • Wireless Torque Sensor 

FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc specialise in the area of:

  • Load Cells, Force Sensors, Torque Sensors, Pressure Sensors and Signal Conditioners 
  • Digital Displays Portable Sensor Verification/Calibration Systems utilizing Strain Gauge and thin film technology

Dytran Instruments specialise in the area of:

  • Accelerometer, Force Sensors, Pressure Sensors, Portable Calibration Systems, High Intensity Acoustic Sensors, Current Source Power Units and Vibration Meters, Impulse, Piezoelectric (AC Coupled) and MEMS Sensors (DC Coupled) version.
  • Impedance Heads, Impact Hammers and Cable Assemblies for Sensors

Acromag specialises in the area of process automation products:

  • Ethernet I/O Modules, Modbus RTU I/O Modules
  • Profibus-DP I/O Modules
  • Network Repeaters
  • Analog Signal Conditioners
  • Temperature Transmitters
  • Limit Alarms
  • Math Computation Modules
  • Signal Converters, Transmitters
  • microBlox Signal Conditioning I/O Modules
  • 4-20 mA Isolators 
  • 4-20 mA Splitters
  • USB Isolators 
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12/11/17 - Futek’s LSB200 Jr miniature S-Beam load cells are used to test trackpads and touchpads, commonly found on desktop computers and laptops.
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05/10/17 - Futek pancake load cells are used by commercial breweries to monitor the contents of fermentation tanks throughout the brewing period.
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04/10/17 - Dytran Instruments has introduced a new triaxial accelerometer for vibration monitoring in high temperature environments.
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23/09/17 - Any electronic device, old or new, contains several screws and bolts.
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04/09/17 - FUTEK’s LSB200 Miniature S-Beam Jr. load cell gives medical practitioners the precision necessary for robotic intravascular procedures.
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