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The Metco LPG or Natural Gas Heaters are approved for indoor commercial and industrial premises and for most outdoor domestic and commercial locations.

These portable heaters are particularly useful in factory, workshop and warehouse applications and wherever people may move from one location to another and are also ideal for outdoor domestic patio areas (use only where protected from rain and wind speed less than 15kph) especially when used with the 9kg trolley assembly.

Infra-red heating is most energy efficient form of heating available plus there are low operating costs, no installation cost and no air or dust disturbances because the Infra-red radiant heat is focused directly on the area to be heated avoiding heat lost in the air or lost in roof spaces.
Portable heaters are supplied with an adjustable gas regulator. By turning the regulator hand wheel, heat can be varied from full heat down to background heating level.

Portable heaters can run for up to 145 hours on a 45 kg cylinder of propane gas [GM12 at low rate].
Built-in safety. Apart from flame safety controls, all models feature a tip-over switch and an optional Gasfuse is available to shut down the gas supply in the event of hose or regulator failure.
Standard features include:

  • Safety Tip-over [Tlt] switch
  • Thermoelectric flame safeguard. 
  • Piezo Ignition 
  • Stainless steel heater casing and reflector. 
  • Powder coated steel trolley / cylinder casing. 
  • Gas hose and adjustable regulator 
  • Easy to assemble [about 10 minutes] 
  • AGA Approved and tested

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