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New perforated plastic shelf panels by Metalsistem in three ranges

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Metalsistem Australia offers plastic shelf panels for the SUPER 1-2-3 and UNIRACK product series.

Metalsistem’s perforated plastic shelf panels include the FROST range for use within low temperature environments such as cool rooms; STANDARD range for use with food and as a standard shelf panel; and the economical ECO-friendly range as a standard shelf panel, but not for use with food.

FROST plastic shelf panels are manufactured from specific materials and additives to achieve a higher grade of ductility and suppleness, making them suitable for use within cold temperatures. Featuring a light green colour, these panels can be used in a temperature range of -30°C to 0°C within the food industry. The FROST panel’s load capacity has been designed for 50 daN/shelf, valid for uniformly distributed loads.

STANDARD shelf panels can also be used within the food sector as well as other sectors where a plastic panel would be preferred. Its temperature range is 0°C to 30°C and the panel is available in several colours.

The ECO-friendly range is made from recycled materials and is therefore not suitable for use within the food sector.

The load bearing capacity of the STANDARD and ECO-friendly panels is 30 daN per shelf for all frame depths and for uniformly distributed loads.

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