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With a greater emphasis on maximising space, efficiency and cost effectiveness, many industrial and commercial markets are now looking at shelving systems that are adaptable and easily transformed to meet their changing storage needs. Metalsistems Super 123, Super 456 and Unirack are a range of products that meet these needs and are able to grow with a business and change to meet their diverse pick module.

Shelving and storage systems designed for a range of applications
  • Metalsistem’s storage and shelving systems have penetrated the industrial market with their Super 123, Super 456 and Unirack industrial storage systems
  • These impressive storage and shelving series offers the most cost efficient solutions meeting all your storage needs
  • Metalsistem’s Industrial storage and shelving systems are boltless and are erected as self-standing structures. Being modular in design it enables these systems to adapt and suit any application and expand as storage and shelving needs grow
  • All Metalsistem products are produced in Northern Italy in the Trento region
  • Metalsistem, being one of the largest storage companies in the world use their buying power to make their products successful and at the same time affordable
Super 456 for multi-tiered mezzanines and raised structures
  • Super 456 can be used to create multi-tiered structures as well as multi-tiered mezzanines.
  • The Super 456 increases storage area by fully utilizing roof height.
  • Instead of a traditional pallet rack mezzanine which creates restrictions on the floor level and makes storage systems costly and less flexible, the Super 456 mezzanine is column based structure which allows for wider spans on the floor level, but with cost efficiency that competes with steel structured mezzanines  
  • The unique profile of the upright columns and interlocking beams are made from certified high tensile steel. 
  • The Super 456 series is the  most cost effective solution when space is limited and heavy storage is needed
Super 123 and Unirack for light to medium storage
  • Suitable for both high-rise ( narrow isle) and multi-tiered storage
  • Boltless, modular, quick and easy to assemble
  • Suitable for manual handling only
  • Can transform a high rise( narrow isle) to a multi-tiered therefore making it fully flexible as business needs change
  • Wide range of accessories such as dividers, drawers and modular containers
  • Can reach heights of up to 8 m
  • Staircases are integrated into the multi-tiered structures.
  • The series offer a variety of flooring for all multi-tier configuration; Metalsistem steel floors are available in perforated, ribbed or smooth option.
The Metalsistem series commits to the highest world standards such as FEM and TUV for loadings. Transform your thinking and see how Metalsistem can transform your business to achieve efficiency in the workplace.
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