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Company Focus: Industrial storage and shelving systems for light and medium duty applications from Metalsistem Australia

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article image Super 1-2-3 series industrial shelving is designed to satisfy a broad range of light storage requirements

Storage is an inevitable requirement for most industrial businesses. Even the most highly organised implementation of Just in time (JIT) production needs an efficient storage and recall system in place to ensure that stock is accurately managed and distributed.

When it comes to industrial storage systems, perhaps the most widely known supplier is Metalsistem . As a testament to the quality and popularity of the company's product offering, several distributors listed on Ferret.com.au supply a variety of Metalsistem storage systems.

These companies include:

  • Bowen Group ; and
  • Storage Ideas
In this series of company focus articles, we take a look at each of the storage and shelving systems offered by Metalsistem Australia, discussing their major features, benefits and suitability for various industrial storage applications.

Super 1-2-3 shelving systems for storage of light goods for manual picking and creating of two tier installations
Designed to satisfy a broad range of light storage requirements, the Super 1-2-3 series is a versatile product that in its standard configuration is particularly well suited for archive storage and domestic uses.

By utilising a varied array of accessories, this system can be adapted to a multitude of applications that include:

  • spare parts and tyre storage for the automotive industry
  • hung garment storage for the fashion industry; and
  • small parts stores for goods ranging from plumbing to electrical items.
What makes the Super1, Super2 and Super3 products particularly unique is their completely boltless, interchangeable and extendable design, which allows a system to be customised and expanded as storage requirements change.

Two tier configurations can also be constructed with heights ranging up to five metres. The Super3 series can be used to create suspended walkway installations accessorised with all the protection and safety elements required by current standards.

To ensure durability the Super 1-2-3 series is manufactured from galvanised steel, with structural components produced from 3.1 certified high tensile structural steel in accordance with the EN10204 standards.

Frames are composed of uprights, diagonal and horizontal spacer bars, and can be supplied in varying depths and heights. Load bearing capacities range up to 3,600 kg/frame for the Super3 series.

Unirack system for the storage of light goods in both standard and two tier shelving configurations
The Unirack storage system was created to solve common light goods storage problems. Separators, modular containers and other accessories to be easily incorporated into the modular design of this system to allow for storage of a variety of loose accessories.

In addition to efficiently storing general light goods, it is also an ideal system for creating suspended walkway installations of up to eight metres in height, with a maximum load bearing capacity of 4,800kg per frame (USR series).

The series is available in five versions, USA; USB; USP; USM; and USR. The USA, USB, USM and USR series are fully compatible between each other, and with Super 1-2-3 shelf elements and accessories. The USP series, on the other hand, features solid shelves in place of the beams and shelf infills used in the balance of the range.

Super Inox system for the storage of light goods
For applications in the food industry, pharmaceutical and chemical sectors, Super Inox stainless steel shelving provides a comprehensive solution to modern hygiene standards and corrosion resistance requirements.

The system has been designed to hinder the formation of condensation or water stagnation, and can be supplied with either smooth or slatted shelves.

This makes it ideal for applications in:

  • refrigerated cells
  • industrial kitchens and food preparation industries; and
  • pharmaceutical and corrosive chemicals processing laboratories.
It is also highly suited for interior design and shopfitting purposes.

Numerous accessories are also available such as:

  • hooks
  • height adjustable stainless steel foot plates
  • plastic top caps; and
  • reinforced beams for corner units.
Frames are designed for a load bearing capacity of 2,500 daN, whereas shelves have load bearing capacities of 300 daN per shelf, with uniformly distributed loads.

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