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New Cheer Pack from Metalprint helps boost Palandri wine exports

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A world first in wine packaging from Metalprint could boost Palandri Wine's annual export earnings by $32 million within two years.

The Western Australian winemaker this week revealed Cheer Pack, an innovative new wine product designed to suit modern lifestyles and address environmental issues.

The concept is a fully recyclable plastic/aluminium foil combination packaged by Adelaide Company Soft Pack Australia.

Cheer Pack has been 18 months in development and next week sees 3,500 cases of Palandri's Baldivis Estate Cheer Pack leave for Canada, the first shipment of the new eco-friendly and resealable packaging ever produced.

Over the next six months 15,000 cases each of Merlot, Shiraz and Chardonnay will be exported to Canada.

The West Australian winemaker expects Canadians to readily adopt this alternative to the traditional wine bottle, for occasions ranging from outdoor activities to everyday drinking.

Palandri project potential sales to North America, the UK and Europe over the next two years could grow export earnings by $32 million.

Palandri is currently in discussions with a major international airline interested in a mace and weight saving alternative to wine bottlis on long haul flights. According to Palandri, they recognise the Cheer Pack as an innovative and important development in the wine industry.

The introduction of the Cheer Pack meets a strong overseas demand with the existing customer base and has enormous appeal in a number of new markets.

According to Palandri, there is a need worldwide for greater environmental responsibility and this packaging meets that need.

The Cheer Pack's innovative design is small and convenient-to-carry, takes up far less space than a wine bottle, and also meets a lifestyle requirement.

Though the initial Cheer Pack design is 750mL, it is possible to create any size from 187mL up to one litre. This is really the beginning of another growth phase for Palandri.

It is a cutting edge concept that is allowing to Palandri to bring premium wine to market in an easily disposable package.

The initial development of the product was fast-tracked by the Ontario Liquor Control Board as a result of their mandate to reduce landfill and introduce environmentally responsible wine packaging. Other Canadian states are set to follow suit.

Beyond the initial Canadian order for Ontario, there is also scope to take Cheer Pack to the UK and Europe. Ireland is one country we are exploring as a result of consumer preference for single serve drinks, to lessen risks associated with drink spiking.

The relatively small size of the nozzle and the screw top closure are great innovations in terms of safety and practicality.

Palandri commented that the Cheer Pack is no different to bottled wine in quality and taste. Palandri been careful to ensure the quality and taste of the wine packaged in the Cheer Pack is exactly what one gets in the Baldivis Estate bottles and they have worked hard with the supplier of the packaging equipment and with Soft Pack Australia in Adelaide to ensure quality control meets the same strict standards as with Palandri’s bottled product.

Over the 18 month development of this project, Palandri has been evaluating the wine packaged in the Cheer Pack and have seen no deterioration in quality.

While the shelf life of 12 to 24 months is shorter than some bottled wine, this product is designed for early drinking and is consistent with target consumer.

Since its inception, Palandri has led the way in innovation. Like the adoption of the screw cap, a concept that has increasingly been embraced worldwide, this is the next step in wine evolution. Palandri is simply offering another lifestyle option with the Cheer Pack, while also introducing an environmentally responsible packaging alternative.

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