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Free seminar on enhanced microwave synthesis

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TWO free seminars on enhanced microwave synthesis, entitled Scale up of microwave reactions, will be presented: in Sydney on 6 September and Melbourne on 8 September.

This follows the release by Anton Paar of a new instrument for microwave-assisted organic synthesis, the Synthos 3000, designed to produce chemical compounds in the multigram range.

Anton Paar subsidiary, MEP Instruments , and Dr Alexander Stadler, researcher, author and Anton Paar international product manager, will present the seminars, where the Synthos 3000 system will be demonstrated.

Two powerful magnetrons (1400 W) generate a homogeneous microwave field and allow the rapid heating of sample volumes up to one litre. Microwave protocols which have been optimised on a small scale can therefore be reproduced easily on a larger scale. Direct scalability and excellent reproducibility are ensured for a wide range of reactions.

The reaction vessels can be used at temperatures up to 300 degrees C and pressures up to 80 bar.

The Synthos 3000 opens new dimensions for organic synthesis, according to MEP. Rotor systems for eight and 16 vessels enable parallel syntheses and increased sample throughput. Precise temperature and pressure measurement guarantees optimal and safe reaction progress. Practical accessories simplify special applications such as solid phase synthesis or the use of gaseous reaction partners in the microwave field.

The Synthos 3000 is equipped with safety features, which reduce the risks of the consequences of using large amounts of chemicals in the microwave field.

* For details: phone 02 9878 6900.

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