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Heavy-duty lock gate

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article image Constructed of type 304 stainless steel.

THE Cleveland Armstrong patented Rolling Blade has been incorporated into the design of Pebco’s Heavy-Duty Lockgate (HDLG). Pebco is represented in Australia by Melpia .

Features include:

* Double seals for optimum sealing

* Outboard bearings to assure internal to external sealing and longer bearing life

* Low number of cycles per minute to reduce gate wear.

The featured Heavy-Duty Lockgate is constructed of type 304 stainless steel. The entire weldment is enclosed and equipped with a bolted and sealed access cover.

The gate blade is sealed with red silicone, which contacts the top edges of the curved gate blade. The patented cam action of the blade compresses the side seals for an extremely effective seal.

The Heavy-Duty Lockgate has been applied successfully on various applications including high vacuum and pressure reclaim systems.

The lockgate is used to meter collected material discharging from precipitators, cyclones or fabric filter systems. It is also used for discharging ash from fluid bed combustors and for feeding fuels.

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