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Range of sanitisers available from Melaklean

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The constant, common topic this year, again, has been the lack of predictability in the weather; the wet season appears to be getting longer and the dry season hotter.

Improving indoor air quality is fast becoming a top priority in the maintenance of commercial buildings.

Sick Air syndrome or the existence of sick buildings is a concern all companies should address to avoid downtime - sick days off for key employees, short and long term air borne viruses and some as life threatening as legionnares disease; disseminated in water droplets from air-conditioning systems.

These problems can also lead to costly litigation. Melaklean Cleaner Air Products is a new Australian company with an innovative, organic and cost effective product which is proven to significantly improve air quality by treating air conditioning ductwork, coils and circulating air.

Our bodies are quite comfortable at temperatures between 21 degrees and 32 degrees C. Unfortunately, these temperatures also just happen to be the right temperature ranges for the growth of bacteria and mould that contaminate our air handling systems.

These organisms compete for our same living space and will grow on most substrates they land on, e.g. the coils and ducting of an air conditioning system; the equipment we want to use to maximise the comfort of our indoor living space.

When substantial numbers of these organisms accumulate through growth in the right ambient moisture conditions, then the indoor air space supplied with acclimatised air suddenly becomes contaminated with bioburden, or bacteria and

mould, transported from the surface of the equipment.

Particularly with mould, mycotoxins can be released which will affect those of us that may already have some immuno deficiency problems.

Just as the agriculture sector has devised a complex series of methods and remedies to protect food sources from pests, fungi and other competing plant species, Melaklean has devised a system which can be used to help the maintenance of air conditioning systems and protect our well being.

Coil and Duct cleaning is a must-do maintenance step, especially in high air volume and high occupancy buildings. In addition to this work, the in-between time from service to service can be covered by environmentally friendly products like the Melaklean range of sanitisers.

An innovative do-it-yourself test kit is available, which returns quick colorimetic responses directly calibrated to quantitative bacterial and mould counts. This product is also robust, making it impossible for the media to be contaminated and heat resistant with a 4 year shelf life in storage.

Further to this, the added ability to send the coloured sample to a formal lab for further identification of the contaminating species makes this a powerful tool in the hands of the trade technician.

The product is rapidly gaining acceptance and the test kit is used to test air conditioning ducts before and after the introduction of the Melaklean sanitiser.

The sanitiser itself is a complex blend of organic and naturally extracted volatiles, all well known for their safety in use and for their specific effects in culling the bacterial and mould population over a broad spectrum of species.

In essence the Melaklean product uses innovative scientific applications to offer the air-conditioning market a safe to use yet highly effective product at a low dosage.

Commercial and general public awareness about indoor air quality is always increasing. Add to this the growing realisation that there is a product which can help, at minimal costs, improve the indoor air quality of a premise and the future looks a better place for all who work or study in an air-conditioned environment.

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