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Megger aims to stretch transformers' service life, maximise their efficiency and avoid costly failures having launched two new transformer testers and diagnostic products:
  • IDAX 300 Dielectric Frequency Response Analysers
  • FRAX 101 Sweep Frequency Analysers

Lightweight, high performance IDAX 300 Dielectric Frequency Response Analysers
This piece of transformer testing equipment has been designed for assessing insulation in transformers and various other power systems such as bushing, cables and generators. These analysers measure the moisture levels in the power systems' oil and solid insulation. IDAX 300 succeeds the IDA200 as the latest addition to the IDA/IDAX range, which has been widely recognised in the industry for over 10 years.

  • Small, light device only one third of the IDA200's volume and weight
  • Can be used at any temperature
  • Fast and reliable measurement twice as fast as the IDA200
  • Automated analysis of recorded measurements
  • Highest noise immunity through True Frequency Domain measurement

Accurate and reliable FRAX 101 Sweep Frequency Response Analysers
FRAX 101 tranformer testing equipment is designed for detecting potential electromechanical problems inside power transformers through the Frequency Response Analyser method, which has been widely used in the industry for the past ten years. This method consists of comparing the measurement obtained to a reference measurement, with deviations indicating an otherwise undetectable electrical or mechanical issue inside the assessed transformer.   

  • Small, resistant device
  • Wireless communication
  • Battery Operated
  • Result analysis and decision support software built into the device
  • Possibility to import data form other FRA testing instruments

FRAX 101 achieves all recent international standards for SFRA assessment. It is recognised by the industry as the smallest, most resistant instrument, with the highest measurement range and accuracy as well as the highest possible repeatability.

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