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Protective relay test system from Megger

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MPRT from Megger , is specifically designed to perform routine testing of protective relays used in the operation of electric utilities, power plants and heavy industrials.

The Power Box is the heart of the MPRT system. The Power Box employs a variety of new features including unique voltage and current generator (VI-Gen) components, which have been combined into one amplifier package.

Using multiple VI-Gens provides the flexibility to deliver four voltages and four currents or eight current channel capability and each one is made-to-order based on the customer's individual testing requirements.

  • The MPRT system consists of a Power Box, the TouchView Interface and AVTS Software
  • Unique new TouchView Interface (TVI) simplifies the manual testing of complex relays
  • Ultra flexible output design provides up to four-phase voltage and current or eight-phase current
  • User specified configuration. Every system is made to order based on specific customer needs
  • Includes fully automated testing capability using AVTS Software (Version 2.0)

The TouchView Interface (TVI) device and AVTS basic software form the brains of the system. The TVI, with its large full colour touch screen allows the user to perform manual and semi-automatic testing quickly and easily, using built-in, preset test routines for popular relays.

Fully automatic testing can also be performed using AVTS Basic Software, which comes with the MPRT System.

Other applications include use in government facilities, harbour and airport installations, larger building complexes and by testing service companies that are increasingly interested in a highly flexible, easy-to-use relay test instrument that can help them improve their job efficiency.

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