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Megger manufacture a range of Power Quality Equipment for use in residential and industrial power quality assessment and analysis. These allow users to view data on power quality and find solutions to power quality issues.

Versatile Power Quality Equipment suitable for a variety of applications
  • Automotives
  • Aerospace
  • Electrical engineering
  • Component engineering
  • Electrical power industries and providers
  • Nuclear power facilities
  • General commercial power usage sites including offices
Portable Power Quality Equipment offering durability and high performance
  • Portable design allowing for flexible use in a variety of settings
  • Durable and high quality construction designed to withstand and thrive within harsh environments
  • Provides accurate information and data on a range of power usage scenarios
  • Provides onsite voltage, current, and power flow recordings
  • Allows initials verification of the quality of power equipment ensuring users have highly quality power products
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01/05/13 - Megger introduces the new FREJA 400 series relay testing system featuring a rugged design and user-friendly operation.
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11/12/12 - Megger presents the new SMRT1 smart protective relay test sets designed for single phase relay testing applications.
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07/11/12 - Megger breaks new ground with the introduction of the new TM1700 range of circuit breaker analysers designed to offer the advanced features of higher models at an attractive price.
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25/09/12 - Megger introduces the new MIT310A analogue insulation resistance testers as part of their MIT300 Series of insulation testing equipment.
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10/09/12 - The Megger SMRT36 is a new range of protective relay test sets in a compact and lightweight design delivering more output power.
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