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Megger’s tough new MFT1825 Multifunction Testers

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Megger’s new range of multifunction testers includes the MFT1825.  These testers provide all the tests required to complete the necessary electrical certification for industrial, commercial and domestic fixed wiring installations.    

Aside from being able to perform Insulation, RCD and 2- Wire Non Trip Loop tests the MFT1825 multifunction tester is also able to perform a range of other tests including 2 and 3 pole earth testing with an optional accessories kit.    

As an added safety feature these tough new multifunction testers can be connected across live mains voltage at any setting on any range without causing damage to the instrument - you won’t even blow a fuse.  The testers give a visible and audible warning if a hazardous voltage is present and have an EN61010 Cat IV safety rating.    

The Megger MFT1825 multifunction tester and all the testers in this range have a tough ABS and rubber shell with an IP54 protection rating.  They’re designed to take hard knocks and are protected against condensation, dust and dirt.    

A wide range of RCD test are able to be preformed including AC, A, S, Programmable and 3-phase RCD’s.  The Auto test function also means that complete RCD test sequences can be run without having to go back and forth to reset the RCD.    

For users needing to download and store data the MFT1835 has additional features and is able to store up to 1000 test results in its onboard memory.

These results are then able to be downloaded later via Bluetooth to a laptop using Megger’s free Download manager software.     

If you don’t need all these features Megger’s MFT1710 Multifunction Tester offers a trimmed down alternative.    

The Megger MFT1825 Multifunction tester comes complete with a tough moulded carry case, test leads, and calibration certificate.

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