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Megger LTW300 Series loop impedance testers

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article image Megger LTW325 loop impedance tester

Megger  presents the LTW300 Series of two wire earth loop impedance testers designed to verify the loop impedance of live electrical circuits without the need to disconnect the electrical supply.  

Megger LTW300 Series loop impedance testers offer a 2 wire loop impedance testing solution that does not trip 30 mA RCDs and can be used on a wide range of voltages. The test can be either Phase to Earth, Phase to Neutral or Phase to Phase on 3-phase circuits.  

Megger loop impedance testers are designed for simple testing minus any confusion as there is no need for a third wire to be connected. A high current loop impedance test is also available for circuits without an RCD.  

To ensure the accuracy of the result has not been compromised by the effects of electrical noise from plant and services, Megger LTW300 Series loop impedance testers use sophisticated noise detection circuitry, which continually monitors the supply during the loop test.  

Each loop impedance test runs for approximately 10 seconds, with an additional 10 seconds of testing in the event electrical noise is detected by the instrument on the supply, to eliminate any cause for error.  

Key features of Megger LTW300 Series loop impedance testers:  

  • Auto-start function starts the loop test as soon as the test leads are connected
  • Operates on a wide range of electrical voltages from 50 VAC to 300 VAC single phase and up to 440 VAC on 3-phase installations
  • Calculates Potential Fault Current (PFC) up to 20 KA
  • CATIV safety rating
  • Supplied with a calibration certificate and carry case
  • 3-year warranty
Model LTW425 loop impedance testers offer a high current, high resolution loop impedance test to three decimal places and can calculate PFC up to 40 KA.

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