Insulation and Continuity Testing Equipment with Easy-To-Use Operation from Megger

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Continuity and Insulation Testers
Megger has developed three new series of compact, fast, simple to use and easily transportable insulation and continuity testing systems.

These insulation resistance testers were designed to be used in the most demanding onsite environments and can test electric systems with voltages from 10 to 1,000 V.

Insulation and Continuity Testing for enhancing safety 

  • Cat IV 600 V certification, guaranteeing safety of use for all normal electrical, service, maintenance and utility applications
  • Versatile insulation testing
  • Multi parameter display enabling users to save time by testing various parameters at once
  • Tough carry case kits

Industrial Testing Equipment
The M400 performs insulation and continuity testing and true RMS voltage measurement on electric systems with voltages from 50 to 1.000V.

The more sophisticated products of the range feature fully automatic measurement of dielectric absorption and polarisation index as well as facilities for internal storage and wireless transfer of test results.

Telecommunications Testing Equipment
The M480 range, in addition to the M400 features, benefits from a 75V safety lockout threshold for live circuit detection and from a capacitance measurement feature.

Low Voltage Testing Equipment
Lastly the M40X range is designed to perform insulation and continuity testing on low voltage electric circuits from 10 to 100V.

It is ideal for very specific applications such as commercial avionics, military communications, component testing and electrostatic measurement.

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