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EPOCH-II high-current output units from Megger

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The EPOCH-II is a high-current output unit available from Megger , designed to be controlled by the PULSAR in combination with the high-current interface module to produce a rugged, portable high-current, high-volt/ampere test set.  

EPOCH-II high current output units are also designed to be controlled by the EPOCH-10 relay test sets.  

The PULSAR/EPOCH-II or EPOCH-10/EPOCH-II combinations of test sets use microprocessor-based, digitally synthesised sine wave generators and solid-state regulated power amplifiers to provide sinusoidal voltage and current outputs with precise control of the phase-angle relationships.  

These test sets will produce accurate test results even with a fluctuating power source or when testing nonlinear or highly saturable relays.  

An optional IEEE-488 GPIB interface transforms the EPOCH-10/EPOCH-II combination into a programmable automatic test system when used with an external controller or computer. Amplitude and/or phase angle can be set to desired values, or step changed, ramped and pulsed to new values.      

The PULSAR/EPOCH-II or EPOCH-10/EPOCH-II test sets are designed to test complex protective relays requiring phase-shifting capability as well as simpler relays, including all overcurrent relays.  

Key features of EPOCH-II high-current output units:  

  • Rugged, portable test set 
  • Up to 187 Amperes maximum output 
  • Output current source has a 5-minute duty cycle rating of 1000 VA 
  • Four output ranges at 0.01 ampere and two output ranges at 0.1 ampere are provided 
  • Tough steel, sealed enclosure provides high shock- and vibration resistance 
  • Completely compatible with PULSAR via the high-current interface module and the EPOCH-10 units

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