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Circuit breakers are an essential safety component of all electricity systems. These can be accurately assessed with Megger’s testing equipment, whose reliability has been widely recognised on the market for over 50 years.

Versatile and Reliable Circuit Testing Kits
Megger’s circuit breaker test sets come in a variety of versions depending on the user’s budget, the test set application, the location, type and specificities of the circuit breaker under test and the electric circuit voltage.

There are eleven products in Megger’s line of circuit breaker testers, including:

  • Universal and micro processor based testers
  • Primary current injection testers
  • Overload relay testers
  • Accessories such as circuit breaker stab sets and power supply systems for circuit breaker testing.

The latest addition to the range is the digital data acquisition series of circuit breaker test sets, which brings improved accuracy and flexibility to the testing process.

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11/12/12 - Megger presents the new SMRT1 smart protective relay test sets designed for single phase relay testing applications.
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07/11/12 - Megger breaks new ground with the introduction of the new TM1700 range of circuit breaker analysers designed to offer the advanced features of higher models at an attractive price.
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10/09/12 - The Megger SMRT36 is a new range of protective relay test sets in a compact and lightweight design delivering more output power.
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22/05/12 - The Ingvar primary current injection test set available from Megger is capable of delivering 900 A continuously and 5,000 A for short period.
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13/07/11 - Advanced Visual Test Software version 3.1 is a Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista software program designed to manage all aspects of protective relay testing using the new Megger MPRT relay test set.
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