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Workplace drug testing now easier for employers with Medvet Oral7 oral fluid testing device

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Australia’s leading supplier of drug and alcohol screening programs, Medvet Laboratories now offers the Medvet Oral7, an independently certified oral fluid testing device designed specifically for workplace drug testing.

Medvet National Operations and Technical Manager, Mr Steve Korkoneas explains that the Medvet Oral7 will enable more construction businesses to implement oral drug testing programs in a bid to keep their workplaces safe. Previously, urine testing was the only certified method of drug testing available for workplaces.

While urine testing has its advantages and is the most appropriate testing method in some circumstances, the Medvet Oral7 oral fluid testing device has an independent certificate of compliance, making it a game-changer for the construction industry.

Drug testing at the workplace helps create a safe working environment, minimises risk, enables accident-related cost savings and increases workplace morale.

Medvet Oral7 can detect opiates, amphetamines, methamphetamines/MDMA, marijuana, cocaine and benzodiazepines from oral fluid within ten minutes.

The Medvet Oral7 oral fluid testing device offers several advantages onsite.

Key benefits of Medvet Oral7 oral fluid testing device:

  • Simple and easy for employers to use
  • Less intrusive for employees
  • Eliminates the need for special testing facilities or gender specific staffing to supervise the process
  • No-mess testing process, 100% observable by the collection agency
  • Less privacy issues
  • Results are slightly more difficult to adulterate
According to Mr Korkoneas, workplace drug testing should be implemented in all safety-sensitive industries. He expects more businesses from a wide range of industries to implement a drug testing program following the availability of Medvet Oral7.

The validation study of the Medvet Oral7 oral fluid device provided by an independent NATA accredited AS 4760:2006 laboratory was reviewed and deemed appropriate as ‘fit for purpose’ for testing oral fluid at the concentrations nominated in accordance with AS 4760:2006.

Medvet can help businesses with every aspect of their workplace drug and alcohol testing programs, including policy development, implementation, employee education and training, testing, sample collection, result analysis and dissemination.

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