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Mechtric are the Australian distributors for the SITI range of gear reducers, COEL brake motors, Delta servo systems and Lovato Electric switch gear.

SITI Gear Reducers Worm Gearboxes
  • I-MI worm gear boxes 30-175mm, ratio 7.5 to 100:1, input up to 55kw, output torque up to 3000Nm
  • U- MU worm gear boxes 40-110mm, ratio 5 to 100:1, input up to 15kw, output torque up to 885Nm
  • P – helical input units to suit MI and MU worm gearboxes to increase ratio up to 400:1
  • CMI-CMU double reduction worm gearboxes with ratio up to 5000:1
SITI Gear Reducers Helical Gearboxes
  • NHL-NMHL inline helical gearboxes 10 sizes with, shaft sizes from 20mm to 100mm, ratio up to 400:1, input up to 200kw, output torque up to 12,000Nm. Solid shaft or IEC motor adaptor input
  • PD shaft mount helical gear boxes 8 sizes, ratio up to 445:1, input up to 135kw, output torque up to 14,000Nm. Solid shaft or IEC motor adaptor input
SITI Gear Reducers Bevel Helical Gearboxes
  • BH bevel helical gear boxes, 9 sizes, ratio up to 226:1, input up to 290kw, output torque up to 14,000Nm.  Solid shaft or IEC motor adaptor input, hollow shaft, single or double solid shaft and tapper lock output options.
SITI Gear Reducers Planetary Gearboxes
  • NRG planetary gearboxes, 6 size, ratio up to 3000:1, torque from 1000Nm to 25,000Nm, Solid shaft or IEC motor adaptor input, solid shaft, splined shaft, hollow splined shaft and tapper lock output options.
Other Gearboxes
  • Right angle Bevel gearboxes in ratio 1:1, 2:1 and 3:1 with single or double output
  • Mechanical variators , speed range 190-1000rpm, or 0-1000rpm, input up to 7.5kw, Solid shaft or IEC motor adaptor input, foot or flanged output
Mechtric Electric Motors
  • WWA aluminium construction 0.09kw to 15kw
  • WWE cast iron construction 0.75kw to 400kw
  • Single phase motors to 3kw
COEL Brake Motors
  • F series with AC brake 0.37kw to 30kw
  • FK series with DC brake 0.09kw to 4kw
  • 2 speed brake motors
  • VIS IECEx approved explosion proof brake modules
Drive Systems DC Motors
  • Permanent magnet DC motors 70W to 4kw, 12V, 24V, 48V and 180V.
  • Tachogenerators
  • Minarik dc motor controls
Lovato DME Energy Meters
  • Single and 3 phase versions
  • Direct or CT connection
  • Expandable with a range of communication options
  • Supervisory and control software
Mechtric provides sales and support across Australia with branches in five states and distributors in most large centres. Mechtric information and contact details

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08/09/10 - Mechtric is a supplier of electrical products and mechanical engineering products in Australia with offices in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.
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31/12/07 - Mechtric Group of companies was established in 1964, in Australia. It plays a significant role in the supply of mechanical and electrical engineering products throughout the country.

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