Mechanical Strain gauge for Strain and Crack monitoring

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The DEMEC mechanical strain gauge is capable of taking strain measurements at multiple points on a structure. It is one of the most economical sensors for this type of strain measurement in the civil and construction industry.

DEMEC strain gauge consists of an invar main beam with two conical locating points, where one is fixed and the other pivot on a knife edge. The movement of the pivoting points is measured by strain gauge attached to a base plate of the invar beam. It has been designed in such a way to prevent thermal expansion within the instrument.

The DEMEC strain gauge is available with standard gauge length of 100mm to 500mm. It can be optionally customised up to 2000mm upon request. Digital version of DEMEC is also available. The digital version features a digital indicator with 0.001mm resolution, zero-set, pre-set and output for statistical process control system. It can be connected to a data processor for recording and analysis.

Some applications of DEMEC gauges are:

  • Strain monitoring on various types of structures in civil, construction and mining
  • Crack monitoring
  • Research
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